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As an award winning life long fiber artist, handweaver of 50 years, and visual arts educator, Christine can support the beginner to the experienced fiber artist in exploring their creative path. This fiber portal can lead you to:

"I have always been very clear about the difference between an Instructor and a Teacher, and Christine has clearly been a teacher and a guide for me. As far as learning the craft is concerned, Christine has a very patient and individualistic approach to ensure the transfer of knowledge. She is a master of her craft and takes time to make sure you understand not only the fundamental concepts, but also other nuances that you would otherwise struggle with. But Christine is much more than just a teacher, she is this amazingly kind soul who connects at a deeper level!" - Maliha F.

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Weaving with Wire Courses & Zoom Workshops

Find out more about the Self Paced Weaving with Wire Course, the 3 day Weaving with Wire Zoom Workshops, and an opportunity to sign up for coaching about your artistic direction with Christine. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Weaving with Wire path you are interested in.

Digital Downloads

Christine has created digital downloads to support your growth as an artist and creative spirit. Blending her visual arts education with her life long fiber experience, she can support your explorations and help you become more confident in your artistic path. Click HERE to go to the Digital Download area of the Fiber Studio.

Fiber Art Lessons

Fiber arts are an important part of any arts curriculum. Students love the calming, meditative nature of creating with yarn, thread, and cloth. Christine shares fiber lessons that are FREE for instructors and students alike. The lessons, though adaptable for K12 levels, are also perfect spring boards for the experienced artist for more sophisticated applications. Click HERE to go to the Digital Download area of the Fiber Studio.