Welcome to my Weaving with Metal Foil Course!

The video course comes with sequential videos teaching you how to handle the material and create each project step by step. The 24 page workbook includes information about the tools and materials needed to begin your exploration. Simple tools such as scissors, rulers, and tape will get you launched into a fun new creative path to explore! Featured processes in the workbook and video are working with the foil using a weaving and plaiting technique, and showing how to easily twist wires together to use as weft in future projects.

Let Christine's experience and excitement guide you in a new artistic path!

Christine studied with the one of the pioneers of working with metals using textile techniques, Arline Fisch. She has been exploring the foil for 30 years and has made samples that have become design elements in her sculptural artworks. Take this foundational course and begin your own metal foil adventure!
Video Lesson: Woven Metal Foil Tray

Christine breaks this project down step by step to create this woven metal foil tray teaching you how to weave a 2/2 twill with 8" x 8" strips. She also shares lots of information about working with the material including tips & tricks and sets you up to begin your own exploration.

Create your own stash of samples!

Start playing with the metal foil and see what kinds of samples you can make. How can you use your samples in future art projects?

Video Lesson: Plaited Pendants.

Christine demonstrates how to use the plaiting technique in this video to create a plaited pendant. Easy and fast, this paves the way to design and create jewelry using metal foil.

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